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Invasive Species:

The spread of invasive species contributes to detrimental ecosystem change and instability everywhere. Invasive species displace or wipe out natives, damage infrastructure, and threaten to wipe out entire ecosystems.

In every county throughout Chicagoland, BUCKTHORN (Rhamnus cathartica), is of particular concern. Invasive buckthorn makes up 1 in 3 trees in the city of Chicago and 36% of all trees in the surrounding seven counties!

Buckthorn is destructive because it crowds out and outcompetes other trees and shrubs for water, nutrients and space. In natural areas such as the heritage quarries, it overpowers wildflowers and other native plants, causing harmful impacts on insect, reptile, amphibian, mammal, and bird species all along the food chain.

Our goal is to eliminate buckthorn from the Heritage Quarries Recreation Area and eventually, all of the public land in Lemont that is not being actively managed. 

Buckthorn 900x600_Univ of Minnesota.jpeg

Learn more about buckthorn from Allison Frederick, Administrative Director at Citizens for Conservation, as she describes how to join forces and stop buckthorn in our own yards.

Help us Eradicate Buckthorn!

Volunteer at our monthly Quarry Cares environmental restoration and clean-up projects.

Before and After Photos of
Buckthorn clearing projects


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