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As a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health of our communities, The Forge Charitable Adventures is always looking for unique opportunities to provide support to the cities and towns where our for-profit company operates. We showcase the projects we are working on and the achievements we've made at each location here. Get in touch with us to learn how you or your organization can help us to make a lasting impact on the places you love.

The Heritage Quarries 
Recreation Area
Lemont, Illinois

In 2019, The Forge Charitable Adventures identified a number of unique opportunities to provide significant support to the Village and Township of Lemont by sponsoring initiatives in the Heritage Quarries Recreation Area, home to The Forge: Lemont Quarries Adventure Park.

We identified six initial pillar projects for the historically significant area. Since beginning our work, we have invested more than $3,000,000 into major public projects. Examples include extending and widening the access roads, building new parking facilities, installing lights, security cameras, and signage, adding new trails and public spaces, and clearing invasives from many acres of landWe aim to complete the remaining projects over the next 24 months. 

Major representative projects underway or completed include:

  • Invasive species remediation - In-process

  • Trail restoration and development (bike & pedestrian) - In-process

  • Public road improvements - Complete!

  • New pedestrian footbridge and access trail - Complete!

  • Improved public parking facilities - Complete!

  • Children’s Educational Programming - Complete!

We are honored to receive the 2021 "Blue Award" from the Friends of the Chicago River for our efforts to improve environmental conditions while providing access to education and recreation.


2019 - 2021

  • Retained 3rd party agencies and consultants to visit the HQRA and provide an initial determination of the kinds of restoration work that needs to be done and offer suggested pathways forward

  • Developed a phase one PUD to identify areas for improvement for the HQRA

  • Began clearing invasive trees and plants and building trails at the HQRA in accordance with the stipulations of the PUD

  • Invested millions of dollars in public infrastructure to add and improve trails, roads, lights, and access bridges to enable greater access to the HQRA

  • Developed extensive programming for corporate, scouting and other civic and conservation-minded groups to get involved in activities at the HQRA

  • Created a list of Eagle Scout and Bronze/Silver/Gold award project opportunities for scouts


  • Planned and hosted TFCAs first official Earth Day Summit to showcase the work that we've done to this point and increase awareness of our mission in Lemont

  • Completed the development of the TFCA Adopt-A-Trail program to help maintain the trails we've already cleared and begin advertising it to corporate and nonprofit organizations 

  • Completed initial Scouting Program activity offerings and secured a date for TFCAs inaugural Merit Badge Workshop event in May 2023

  • Introduced a Conservation Sundays program at the quarries to engage and support the community to learn more about the quarries and conservation

  • Completed the TFCA Controlled Burn Plan and trained burn bosses

  • Obtained controlled burn permits from the Illinois EPA and the Village and Township of Lemont

  • Completed the initial clearing and installation of a picnic bench at the “Birders Bluff” overlook north of Krueger Quarry

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