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Established in 2019, The Forge Charitable Adventures (TFCA) is a unique environmentally-focused non-profit serving a dual mission:

  1. To restore, protect, and re-invigorate natural ecosystems that have been degraded by overuse or under-investment, and 

  2. To provide access to outdoor education and recreation opportunities to people of all ages, abilities, and socio-economic circumstances

We aim to fulfill this mission in part by partnering with local communities to develop outdoor recreation resources that can be enjoyed and maintained in cooperation with their members.


Restore. Re-invigorate.

As a long-term focused, conservation-minded organization, we seek to produce and promote impactful programs that will help TFCA achieve:


  • Significant impact by engaging our local communities in conservation and personal health & wellness efforts

  • A respected presence as a devoted caretaker in those communities

  • Long-lasting partnerships with the communities and individuals we serve

  • Enlightened communities where conservation, restoration, and wellness are cherished as core values


Our vision is a future where people of all ages, abilities and economic circumstances can freely experience authentic outdoor experiences while learning to respect the diversity of life and developing an appreciation for the conservation of scarce resources and fragile ecosystems required to support and enjoy it. 


We accomplish our mission by identifying projects and raising funds from private and public sources to execute them.  We consider ourselves successful when we are able to:


  • Create, restore, and protect natural areas to jointly serve as wildlife habitats and places where people can enjoy nature forever

  • Establish and nurture public and private partnerships that accelerate the pace of land preservation for the enrichment of all

  • Deliver social benefits in the form of clean and healthy forests, streams, wetlands, and lakes

  • Provide people with opportunities to understand and embrace conservation issues, and act to preserve the environment

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